Tragedy: Local man kills girlfriend’s father

By Idara Sunday,

A 29 years old man by name, Efosa Omodude has revealed why he killed his girlfriend’s father.

He said he killed the man for his self defense. Efosa narrated his story on how he dated a girl who happens to be a daughter of the man whom he killed.

He said, he fell in love with a girl named Serifat in kaduna state where he was born.

Serifat’s family was against our relationship because I am a Christian. Unfortunately, she got pregnant. They two lovers were highly confused and she had no option than to abort the pregnancy which lead to the premature death of girl.

About a week after the sensational incidence, Chief Ahmed her, the girl’s father got extremely angry by the sudden death of her daughter and seek revenge. He reported me to the Community of Fulani Herdsmen, they infested my home at the middle of the night and I was brutally beaten up by them. On trying to defend my life I mistakenly stabbed one of the men with a machete on his head and he slumped instantly, the victim whom I stabbed happened to be the father of my late girlfriend. The rest of them set my house ablaze, but I luckily escaped death because I ran away to the nearby village. That was how I became a stranger and fugitive in my state.  

 On my escaped I traveled to Niger where I stayed with a relative. Few months later I went to Tripoli Libya where I worked in the car wash until 2015.I still love my girlfriend but coming back to Nigeria means my death. And up until now no one in Nigeria knows my where about.