The Danger of carrying a Nigerian passport.

A Nigerian who based in Japan recently shared what he has been facing whenever he’s been identified as a Nigerian overseas. The man by name Okon D. Ekpe took to his social media timeline how Nigerians are are identified in the international community. He writes.


The kind of “terrible things” that I saw today with the Japanese immigration compared to what my Non-Nigerian-passport-carriers counterpart saw, words alone cannot quantify it. To say that I was embarrassed would only be an understatement. While others got a hassle-free pass even without their luggages being checked at all, I went through series of annoying security checks that made my colleagues to begin to wonder what kind of crime I might have committed. NEWS FLASH: You don’t need a Prophet to tell you that my only crime was probably because I travelled with a Nigerian passport… SMH! In this regard, I have no personal issues with the Japanese immigration whatsoever. After all, they were simply doing their job, howbeit, with some kind of perceived bias, which I wouldn’t say it’s their fault, for had my country been like the other countries with international reputation, I wouldn’t have passed through today’s experience. Nevertheless, my substance changed the narrative, for when I got fed up with the whole boring security protocol and showed them my intended conference presentation material, they had no other option but to retreat from further questioning.

Yahoo boys, drug traffickers, and corrupt politicians alike, well played!!! 👏👏👏. Apparently, you guys have collectively succeeded in making us a laughing stock to the rest of the world. It is therefore safe to say that all of you guys belong to the same WhatsApp group. Nigerian politicians, I want to crave your indulgence to please build our country the way it is supposed to be built so that we can be able to move at the same positive pace with the rest of the world. Dear yahoo boys and drug traffickers, please stop disgracing us in the diaspora, for every wrong thing you do will live to hunt the rest of your compatriots under the collective name, “Nigerians.” Stop all your illegalities, turn over a new leaf, and do something legitimate for once in your lives. You will not die if you do so. Dear fellow Nigerians who are not part of the unscrupulous microscopic few misrepresenting our values, please keep building yourselves to value and relevance, such that the negative Nigerian stereotype that speaks of dishonesty and everything evil will not be used to define you as an individual. If Nigeria as a country cannot give you a good name, create one for yourself. “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1).